Our Philosophy

  1. Every client is treated like they are the most important person we know.
  2. Every staff person plays a critical role in the success of our company.
  3. How each client looks and feels each day is how we measure success.
  4. The best outcomes occur when the environment is calm and loving.
  5. We never rush a client with decisions, care or communication.
  6. We never criticize a client and know that we shouldn’t criticize each other as colleagues and co-workers.
  7. From the first day we arrive in someone’s home to the day our services are no longer needed, we strive for our clients and their families to be happy and satisfied.
  8. We understand that we are now part of our clients’ families which we respect and value.
  9. We believe in bettering ourselves as professionals to better serve our clients.
  10. A smile and a greeting to each client, family member, and co-worker tells a good story about who we are and our involvement in care.
  11. We believe a person is not defined by their disease, diagnosis or prognosis but is a unique individual who should be valued, and can teach us much about living.
  12. We understand that our clients have lived full and independent lives before they needed our services and we respect them for that.
  13. We believe in helping our clients stay active and independent for as long as possible.
  14. Our strong belief in the quality of our team separates us from the others.
  15. It is not just a job – it is a calling, a commitment, a service to others.
  16. We believe in the details.
  17. We will not be second best when it comes to providing care to our clients.
  18. We believe in being present with every word and touch.
  19. We know that we build trust and respect one experience at a time.
  20. We believe the soul is awakened through service.

Core Values

Family Centered – relationship building, respect, diversity

Quality of Life – self-determination, comfort, independence, dignity

Accountability – expertise, integrity, safety

Communication – innovation, creativity, education