“My father could no longer drive. My mother’s dementia worsened, she had issues with pain and became frail suddenly. It was very difficult for my very independent parents to admit to needing help and allow “strangers” to help them. But these “strangers” quickly became their “angels.” My sisters and I found that working with Retreat At Home was a pure joy. There was never a time that we called and did not speak to a real person – always one who knew the case and had solutions.”

- -M. Burns, daughter

“Retreat At Home provided excellent care for my 94 year old father. His caregiver even took him fishing a couple of times which was his heart’s desire.”

- C. Johnson, daughter

“We increased staffing rather quickly so we could go on vacation for two weeks. Wow! A vacation and we didn’t have to worry! Retreat At Home has been excellent for all of us. Their staff supports the patient and the family. They comfort and explain. Their caregivers brought cheerfulness back into our lives and we are grateful.

- S. McCan, daughter-in-law

“The caregivers you send me are well qualified. I feel they are secure and trustworthy. You always send the best caregivers. People that are both kind and conscientious.”

- E. Brown, spouse